Hello there!!



So grateful you have stumbled upon my little corner of the internet! I have been photographing weddings since 2011. My first wedding was shot when I was still in High School at the age of 16. You know how middle school girls think they are photographers with their overfiltered photoshoots with their friends? Guess I just never grew out of that! Well, besides the over filtering;)  I have a bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Brigham Young Univeristy, and loved every second of going to school there!



In addition to my experience as professional wedding photographer for the last 6 years, I am honored to have my work published on many wedding blogs such as The Bridal Theory and Utah Valley Bride. When I’m not at a wedding or editing photos, I’m off adventuring at the lake or in the mountains. I love being outdoors and traveling to places, near and far. I lived a summer abroad in Europe and loved every second of that. My friends and loved ones are everything to me! I thank God for all my creative talents and blessings.


I can not wait to meet you!


xo Mary